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The GRADES listed in NORDIC TIMBER reflect qualities that the forest sector produces on a sustained basis and which the sawmills are able to continuously deliver to the markets.
The NORDIC TIMBER grading practice, which will be applied in all the Nordic countries, illustrates the potential for sawmills to adjust theselves to deliviring sawn timber which meets the end-users demand and requirements.
NORDIC TIMBER applies both to the export and domestic markets. It divides the sawn timber into GRADES according to the wood features will be considerably below the maximum permitted values.
It is very seldom that several wood features with the maximum permissible values appear at the same time in on piece of sawn timber. Therefore, a parcel with a normal distribution of wood features will be considerably below the maximum permitted values.
NORDIC TIMBER forms a basic for grading.
NORDIC TIMBER will form a tool for training of graders and others who work  in the timber trade.
Great effort has been taken to mane the book easy to understand. The language has been simplified and clarified. Terms, definitions and measuring rules have been specified and conform in principle with other rules used in Europe. Text and tables have been formed in a more pedagogic and logical way. All this is to make it easier to use in grading, training and as a guideline for the trade of sawn timber.
The process autmation and data management within the sawmill industy requires exactly defind grading criteria. The requirements of the latest technology have been considered as far as possible. Numerical limit values have been given to all measurable features.
NORDIC TIMBER divides the sawn timber into grades according to the wood features.
The main grades are GRADE OS, GRADE V, GRADE VI and GRADE VII.
The NORDIC TIMBER classification of different qualities given a guideline to division into the GRADES. The division of GRADES is not binding. The sawmills can after agreement with the buyer compil individual grades with their own GRADE names adapted to customer and product needs. This is done by using a GRADEMIX based on the features of the main grades.




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